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Legal Fees for Criminal or DUI case in California
criminal case depends on the nature and complexity of the case.  For
example, what a lawyer might charge for a murder case would be
substantially more than the fee for a simple speeding ticket.  Most
experienced criminal defense lawyers get paid a flat fee for a particular
case. The fee is based on the type of offense and the duration of the

Our office charges a flat fixed fee for most criminal, DUI and traffic
matters in the Burbank, Glendale and Pasadena Courts.  The fixed fee
gives the client an assurance that he or she will not be charged any
additional attorney fee than what was initially agreed.  So, if the case takes
ten court appearances or just one, the client pays the same amount.  Some
Law Firms bill the client by the hour which means every second spent
thinking about the case results in a bill to the client.  We do not think this
method of billing is fair on a criminal case and therefore do not engage in
this form of billing.

Some typical fees on cases are as follows:
  • DUI Defense : $2500 and up
  • Most DMV Matters : $950 and up.
  • Misdemeanor Charges : $1500 and up
  • Felony Cases : $2500 and up
  • Speeding Tickets : $950 and up
  • Pre-filing Investigation : $750 and up
  • Bench Warrant Recall : $1200 and up
  • Expungements : $700 and up
  • Appeals : $3500 and higher  

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In many cases we can be retained over the phone to go to Court on your
behalf.  We can fax you the necessary paperwork and receive payment via
a credit card or some other electronic transfer and you never need to step
foot into our Burbank office.

Because we charge a flat fee you can be assured that the case will be
resolved without having to worry about getting bills in the mail for hourly
time spent on the case.  Call us at 1-877-617-4485 for help now.

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