Our Attorneys can help you if you have received a letter from DMV for having too many points.
Negligent Operator Suspension
California can suspend your drivers license under what is
known as a "Negligent Operator Driver License Suspension
or Revocation".  Yes, that is correct once you are licensed to
drive in California, If you start accumulating too many
tickets for moving violations, which count as 1 or 2 points,
according to the Department of Motor Vehicles you may be
considered a negligent operator and lose your driver license.  
The California DMV has strict rules pertaining to racking up
traffic tickets.

Most driving offenses, such as hit and run, reckless driving,
and driving under the influence, are designated as 2 points
and will remain on your record for 7 years from the
violation date. Most other offenses are designated as 1 point
and will remain on your record for 3 years from the
violation date. Any "at fault" accident is normally counted
as 1 point.

You will be considered a negligent operator if your driving
record shows any of the following point count totals:
4 points in 12 months, or
6 points in 24 months, or
8 points in 36 months  

The total number of points can include tickets or accidents
from outside the state of California.  We have represented
hundreds at DMV hearings and win virtually every negligent
operator suspension hearing we do, including violations of
probation.  We recognize that you may have a critical need
to drive and can request a hearing for you and represent you
at the DMV.

Recently, we were successful in saving a client’s license even
though he had more than 5 points in 12 months.  With the
help of our attorneys, using well recognized approaches, we
can maintain your ability to drive for work and daily
affairs.  Call us now to discuss your specific case.

We can answer all your questions such as Can I obtain a
work permit?  Can I save my job?  What about school and
medical appointments?  What if I drive more miles than the
average person, shouldn't I be treated differently?
If I am a commercial truck driver can I keep my job?

We have well over 1000 DMV Hearings under our belt!

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