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Any arrest for a DUI in Alhambra can be very frightening.  You
need a lawyer who is familiar with the local Court.  We have
been defending people charged with drunk driving in the Los
Angeles Superior Court in Alhambra for well over a decade.

If you are not a resident of the local area, Matthew can go to
Court for you and speak to the district attorney and judge on
your behalf.  He can file motions to get the charges dropped or
lessened.  A DUI or crime can get in the way of citizenship or
affect your ability to travel outside the country to places like

We treat our clients like they are a member of our own family.  
Our attorneys fight aggressively for the rights of our clients.  
Many people make the mistake of not taking a DUI arrest
seriously, a Driving Under The Influence charge can cost a
person tens of thousands of dollars over a ten year period.  With
the help of an experienced defense lawyer the stigma of a
criminal conviction can be avoided.

Once the police take your license a deadline of ten days starts to
request a DMV hearing.  The loss of your license can create
severe consequences which can be avoided.

Call our Alhambra DUI Lawyers for a free consultation about
your case today.  With the years of experience and number of
cases under our belt, we strive to get your case dismissed or
reduced before it ruins your life.

We defend all
DUI and criminal charges in the Alhambra area,
Los Angeles County and the Burbank Court.  If you are facing a
criminal allegation involving alcohol or drugs in the Alhambra
Court we can appear on your behalf and negotiate a favorable
resolution.  Alcohol related cases are vigorously prosecuted by
the District Attorneys office, we have developed a strong well
respected relationship with the local prosecutors and we can use
our experience to obtain the best outcome for your case.

Not many people know that a drunk driving arrest immediately
initiates a blemish on your DMV record, the officer sends the
notice of the incident to the state and they input the suspension
and will keep it there unless it is challenged.

Matthew on his social media site for more data about the
criminal justice system and how the government treats these

If you have been arrested for driving under the influence in
Alhambra California call Matt, he has over 25 yers experience
fighting breath and blood tests and beating DUI charges.
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