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Should I Take a Lie Detector Test ?
criminal trial.  However, this does not prevent the police from
using it as a tool to investigate and solve crimes.

In my experience, having been a criminal defense attorney for
well over a decade, the police usually use the request to submit
to a polygraph as a ruse to simply question the individual in a
controlled person is lying, the office usually already knows that.  
Having an individual take a lie detector test allows statements to
be obtained and permits the detective to lock the person in to a
particular story.

Most experienced criminal defense attorneys and other Lawyers
will advise a client to not take a polygraph at the request of
police.  Instead, the detective should be asked to allow the
suspect, through his or her attorney, to choose an independent
polygrapher  and conduct their own test and submit the results
to the police.  

Another option is to request that the results be admissible in
Court through a stipulation of the criminal defense Lawyer and
the local District Attorney.  The bottom line is they will usually
not agree to these terms  but it gives the criminal suspect a polite
"out" to refuse to submission of the polygraph.

The machines themselves are not known to be reliable and
therefore are not otherwise admissible in a criminal case.  The
devices are subject to manipulation by the examiner and are
very subjective in terms of the results.  A machine can be
manipulated by artful questioning and careful preparation of the
subject.  An experienced criminal defense lawyer familiar with
all the issues should be retained immediately if a person has
been alleged to have committed a criminal offense.

The pros and cons of submitting to a polygraph should be
discussed with the individual's chosen legal advisor.  Lie
Detector tests are not always accurate and should only be taken
after consulting with a
criminal defense lawyer familiar with the
downsides of such a decision.

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