If you have been arrested in the Van Nuys area our Criminal Defense Lawyers and DUI defense Attorneys can advise you of your best options and guide you through the Court process.
Van Nuys Criminal Defense Lawyers, DUI Attorneys
The Van Nuys Criminal Court is a short drive from our office.
This Courthouse in the County of Los Angeles handles all criminal,
and traffic cases.  All misdemeanor arraignments such as DUI,
reckless driving, driving under the influence and domestic violence
cases are heard in Division 103.  Most felony cases start in Division
100 for arraignment then are sent to Division 112 for a preliminary
hearing if the case is not settled.  Felony Jury trials are conducted in
divisions E, F, N, R and S.  Very rarely are felony criminal cases
transferred out of the Van Nuys Court.  All cases can be defended
with the assistance of legal counsel.

Our Van Nuys criminal defense lawyers have handled countless cases
in the Van Nuys Court over the years and are familiar with the local
Court rules and policies.  Our defense attorneys know the city
prosecutors and the District Attorney that will be prosecuting your
case.  Because of our nearly 30 years of combined legal experience
there is a very good chance we have defended a case like yours.  
Drug charges, drunk driving, domestic violence, bench warrant recall,
felony defense, DMV hearings, evading the police, hit and run, and all
other criminal charges.

When a person is arrested and given a Court date in the Van Nuys
Court, the police report goes to the prosecuting agency for review and
possible criminal case filing.  In many cases if the person arrested
hires a Lawyer it is possible to meet and discuss the case with the
before any formal criminal charges are filed with the
Court.  Recently,  our attorney was retained after arrest on a criminal
threats case.  The defense attorney was able to arrange an informal
hearing with the Los Angeles City Prosecutor's Office in Van Nuys.  
At the informal meeting, the Criminal Defense Lawyer presented the
client's side of the incident which was not depicted in the LAPD
arrest report.  The Lawyer also conveyed favorable character and
background information and ultimately all charges were dropped
without the client ever having to appear in front of a Judge in the Van
Nuys Court.

The Van Nuys District Attorney Office can be reached at (818)

Our firm also offers aggressive defense of all DUI and driving related
citations in the Van Nuys area.  It is important to speak with a
Lawyer before going to Court on these types of charges due to the
possibility of long lasting driving record implications and increased
insurance costs.

If you or a loved one has been arrested in the Van Nuys area, call our
Criminal Defense Team for help.  We can give you straight forward
legal advice about your options and best legal strategies. Our Lawyers
can meet with you face to face and explain the best course of action,
call us at 1-877-617-4485.

The clerks and staff in the Van Nuys Court are there to help and
direct you to the proper resource in order to get the information you
Toll Free at 1-877-617-4485
Matthew J. Ruff, Esq.
Van Nuys DUI and Criinal Attorney Matthew Ruff