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Imagine this scenario:  You are in town on business or vacation and
you are stopped for a DUI, you are arrested, taken to jail and
compelled to submit to a breath or blood test at the command of a
police officer, you spend the night in a cold cell with unsavory
individuals and are later released, given a Court date a month or so
later and told that your license will be suspended.  What do your do?  
For literally hundreds of people, this has been the reality they faced,
but we have been there to get them through it.  For nearly 20 years we
have been defending accused drunk drivers in the Pasadena Court and
throughout the state of California.

The Courthouse is located in the Northeast District of Los Angeles
County.  The address of the Court is 300 East Walnut Street
Pasadena, California 91101, a short drive from our Local Office.

Our Legal Team is committed to helping people who are charged with
a criminal offense in Pasadena receive the best legal representation
possible.  All misdemeanor and felony crimes are vigorously
prosecuted by law enforcement that serve the area.  Once a person is
convicted of a criminal offense in the Pasadena Superior Court, he/she
will have criminal record forever.  A negative mark on a person’s
criminal record can have many adverse effects such as limited
employment opportunities, immigration consequences, denial of some
government  or corporate jobs,  inability to receive student and/or bank
loans and professional license implications.  Anyone who has been
charged with a crime in the Los Angeles area should not take their
offense lightly.

If you have been arrested or charged with a crime, have a bench
warrant, traffic matter, Pasadena DUI,  DWI,  driving under the
drug possession,  drunk driving, hit and run,   juvenile
criminal offense or DMV license suspension,
contact our office
immediately for a no fee case evaluation.  Not many people are aware
of it, but a DUI in Pasadena could mean that you will be required to
put a breath machine in your car for a minimum of 5 months.  The
good news is that our criminal defense team is available to consult with
you and explain your legal defenses and options.  When you call our
Law Firm you will never be "passed off" to a case manager, paralegal
or secretary.

Once a person has been arrested or issued a citation in Pasadena the
case is referred to the appropriate prosecuting agency, (either the Los
Angeles District Attorneys Office or the Pasadena City Prosecutor),
for the filing of a criminal complaint.  In many cases a criminal defense
Lawyer such as ourselves can intervene and arrange an informal
meeting or office hearing to resolve the case.  

We believe that anyone who has the unfortunate circumstance of being
investigated or arrested by the police needs dependable, honest advice
from an experienced attorney that practices criminal law exclusively
and knows the local Pasadena Court and Judges.  When you are
seeking a Pasadena DUI Attorney no one is more experienced than our
law firm.  With the law being ever so complex and hard to understand,
you need the knowledge only a seasoned lawyer can offer.  We are
here to help when you need us.

Our criminal defense attorneys serve all cities within the Pasadena area
including: Sierra Madre,  Duarte,  Bradbury, San Marino,  San
Gabriel,  Arcadia,  South Pasadena,  Temple City,  Alhambra,  
Rosemead,  Monterey Park,  and South El Monte.

If you were arrested for certain driving offenses such as DUI DWI,
drunk driving, or driving under the influence, and your blood alcohol
level was above .08% a
DMV hearing must be arranged within ten
calendar days otherwise the person's license will be suspended for up
to two years.  This suspension is separate from any Pasadena Court
action and has nothing to do with the criminal case.  If you were given
a pink piece of paper which says " temporary license, notice of
suspension" immediate action must be taken.

If you live outside of the area, in many cases our Pasadena Lawyers
can go to Court on behalf, arrange DMV hearings and resolve your
case without you ever needing to appear in Court or travel back to the
Los Angeles area.  In one of our
recent cases we were retained by a
out of state resident on a DUI case involving a car accident, we went
to Court for him, got his charges reduced and took care of all DMV
matters, all without the client having to appear.  Criminal charges can
be defended using all available legal strategies and approaches.

Real DUI Case Results
The accused, a middle-aged school teacher was driving home from a
social event pertaining to her work. She was dropped off  to her car by
friends and was stopped as she pulled away from the parking lot.  The
officer claimed she violated a vehicle code section, she gave a breath
test in the field of a .11 and a blood test back at the station later
revealed a .11 % BAC.  In Court, Matthew was able to negotiate a
"wet reckless" in C
ourt,  which saved her from the dreaded IID

In another recent case Matt defended a client arrested near the 110
Freeway after the CHP observed erratic driving.  The client had his
child in the car and failed all FST exercises.  He was booked for DWI
and child endangerment.  In Court Matt got the Prosecutor to dismiss
all charges and allow his client to plead no contest to exhibition of
speed for 12 months informal probation.

Our client, a foreign student, was arrested by the Pasadena Police for
driving under the influence.  He was facing jail, exclusion from the
United States and other serious punishment.  Our DUI Lawyer,
Matthew Ruff, went to Court and convinced the prosecutor to dismiss
the DUI charges, even though the client's blood alcohol level was one
and a half times the legal limit in California.  As a result, the client
served no jail time and wasn't required to attend any alcohol schools.

Our client was stopped for weaving and lane straddling on the
freeway.  He was arrested and brought to jail where he was forced to
take a breath test that revealed a blood alcohol level of above .08%.  
He was given a Court date and was admonished he would no be able
to drive in California.  The client was from out of state and could not
reasonably appear for the mandatory appearance before the Judge.  
The client hired
DUI Attorney Matthew Ruff who handled everything
and managed to get the charges reduced to a lower offense which
allowed the client to stay out of jail, keep his license and not have to
install an ignition interlock in his car.

If you or someone you love has found themselves in need of a good,
local, experienced
criminal defense attorney in the Pasadena area call
our office today for  intelligent and quick answers to your legal

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